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At, we have designed an exclusive collection of evidence-intensive files for monthly topics:

The Topic Primer: This file is the common brief produced for each topic. It includes a broad collection of evidence that highlights the primary arguments found in literature supporting the core of each side of the topic. Our research emphasizes quality research and topic coverage. By including research from a critical angle - social, political, economic, and philosophical theory - our files will help you and your squad dig deeper into each topic and separates us from other brief companies. Updates to this file are included in The Final Focus. The Topic Primer digital download is scheduled for publication roughly 10 days after the release of the topic. 

The Critical Constructive: This file includes arguments and evidence you simply won't find from our competitors. We research the critical theory behind the topic, helping you gain a greater understanding of the topic's meaning and deepening your strategic approach to each topic. Stay ahead of the competition, and help advance the level of argumentation in Public Forum Debate. This file is scheduled for completion around the 15th of each month, or about 2 weeks before debate on the topic begins.

The Final Focus: Our project began by reading the files released by our competitors, and this is where that work continues. We find the best arguments produced in other briefs, answer them, and build on the work started in our Topic Primer. Typically this file ranges from 30-50 pages. This download is scheduled for publication around three weeks after the resolution is released, or roughly a week before debate on the topic begins. 

The First Constructive: We have heard your request for competition-ready cases! This file includes Pro & Con cases - tagged, complete, and underlined. Read through the cases, practice them for time limits, and you're all set! The First Constructive is scheduled to release alongside the Final Focus - around the 25th of the month or roughly a week before debate on the topic begins.  

We will also release Special Edition files for the NCFL and NSDA National Tournaments in May and June.


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    1 - 2 of 2 items